Psychogeography is an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and “drifting” around urban environments. It has links to the Situationist International.

– Lazy quote from Google.

To explore the relationship of my situ and the environment I live in,  I took a little time to finish all sketches following assignment directions. I first briefly drew a grid on the sketch paper, marked each with one direction and ended up having 33 sections in total. At the end I realized it was actually 32 because STOP is “stop”, nothing further to be added to the sketch. Could have gotten those grids a bit larger. Well, anyways, off onto my journey of psychogeographic 🙂

The weather was nice today. I never noticed before there were so many trees in the community. There were also a lot of birds (so many hummingbirds), bees, butterflies, and as I recalled, I had seen a lot of bunnies hopping around the grass during the night many times. Never had chance walking around during the daytime since I was usually at work. Today I got the chance to explore and observe what people in the communities are usually doing in the daytime.

Most people were either at work or at school I assume. Other than moms with kids, elder people walking their dogs, there were works and gardeners around the site cleaning and maintaining the environment. I noticed people started to come home from work around 4:00pm. The overall environment was still quite.

We community is situated right next to The Tustin Hangars, former U.S. Navy and Marine Corps air stations. I saw the main gate was slightly opened today, it was usually closed.

Interestingly, my final stop was exactly where I started. Somehow I went through all small paths and hallways, I came back to the front of my building. Before I was about to do the final sketch, I saw a big bird flying over my head. Then I sketched it down, followed by the final sketch – the same view as my starting point of this exercise.





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