Research at Work – Augmented Reality Product Proposal

Good news! Through a recent acquisition, your company has just become a major player in the field of (augmented | virtual) reality. (AR | VR) represents the wild frontier for user experience design. Your team has been asked to develop a framework for all future applications. Given the race to capture a critical mass for sustained growth, every technological advantage counts. Your company believes that UX will be the difference maker.

This presentation will go through the following for introducing the new AR product idea to the team.

  1. Project background:
    Ideas about augmented reality, and what it can do for users.
  2. Define user problems
    What problems users have that AR can potentially be a good tool to help/solve.
  3. Research & literature:
    Academic research papers on Habits and why the information is relevant to product design.
  4. Product concept:
    Sketch & mockups
  5. Literature references

I’m sorry, this presentation was made with Prezzi… I know… it gives people motion sickness. But it is a quick tool to put ideas together though… I promise won’t use it with you (my clients!) and at work :p

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