Usability Goals and Experience Goals

I am doing a usability analysis on Boiling Point website

Overall, the site is quite nice. I was able to find most of the information I need. Here is the analysis of usability:

Support – It has good high-resolution images to properly guide users through navigating the site without reading into detail texts. The modern, responsive web design is very pleasing, as my eye-movements are smooth, and I don’t feel any conflict between my mental model of how this site should be and the conceptual model of functions this site would offer me.

Violation – When I start reading the navigation, namings of navigation menus are unconventional. For example, WHAT’S HAPPENING as supposed to NEWS & UPDATES; OUR STORY as supposed to ABOUT US.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 6.22.56 PM.png


Support – As a Taiwanese food restaurant, it has website language selections on the header top. The website includes everything a user will need to know: Store location, menu, history, and gift card information.

Violation – I am not sure if putting BP CONCEPT and JIN THE TEA SHOP on the very top of the header linking to 2 other separated external websites is a good idea. The restaurant probably want to show they are affiliated, but information started to get a bit distracted and confusing when I see another food menu:

Support – At the landing page (, when you hover over the big title, the mouse turns into a right arrow icon (indicating click for next image), indicating the text itself is not clickable, but the user is hovering over an image slider and more images could be view.

Violate – When visiting the OUR STORY page ( Animated images and icons appear to be clickable at the first glance. Users won’t realize those are nothing but motion effects until clicking around several times.


Support – It has food images, updates about the restaurant, icons for social media, a pdf menu provided (so people can share the menu around easily without having others to come to the website and search from scratch.) Every basic essential is available. (Also has contact information and sign up fields, but I don’t feel those are what I came here for).

Violation – It does not offer “Order online” feature. As most people who have been to Boiling Point know all its restaurants are insanely crowded most of the time, the order feature is desirable and most likely were discussed by customers while waiting in line at the store, this would be one of the main tasks customers came to this website to complete.


Support – The overall layout of the site is conventional. Even though it has some unconventional namings of the navigation menu item, but the overall gist is still easy to grasp. By images and standard website flow, it is still rather easy to browse through and find the information I need to look for.

Violation – When I first clicked on OUR FOOD, users get to select where they are based (guess content could look different). But when you want to change the location, it took me a while to finally figure out it is done by clicking on the location icon on the left side of the screen (right under the logo). I also found there’s a pdf version of the menu when I learned about this location function.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 5.15.06 PM.png

Support – It has icons to help with recall where the change of location and pdf menu are. Once users know where these functions are, they won’t forget.

Violation – The URL link for “OUR STORY” is “History.html”, while for all other menu links url and navigations are consistent. I’m still browsing around the website now, didn’t figure out where the “history” link go until I realized it’s actually OUR STORY page.

Desirable user experience – Efficiency and learnability
The design of the website is aesthetically pleasant: responsive design, layouts are not cluttered, the usage of block color (flat design), and the consistent usage of fonts and color combinations. Overall very nice design and I am super happy even though the store is in North America, they didn’t forget to also put a Traditional Chinese (not simplified Chinese as used in Mainland China but traditional Chinese, as we use is Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is very important! ) version of the site.

Undesirable user experience – loading speed and weird interface interactions
When first visited the site, the loading speed of “our story” was slow. For a moment, I thought the page has no content yet. Just a big image saying “THE original MINI WOK ON A BOX.” (image 1 below) Also, At OUR FOOD, when I was trying to look for a text menu (so I get to have an overview of all food & drinks they have), I couldn’t scroll down when my mouse is still near hot pot images. When I tried to scroll the mouse, the existing thumbnail menu will scroll horizontally. Then I realized, you need to move the mouse further away in order to scroll down and see the food & drink menu.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 5.09.17 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 5.23.54 PM.png

(This is what my screen shows when I scroll down with a mouse. It got stuck when the mouse is near these hot pot images. I had to move the mouse around, further away, this page will scroll down to show the food & drink menu).

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